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The Business Case

The subject of sustainability is no longer an option for business to ignore.

For those that embrace sustainability within their overall business strategy, the benefits are numerous. However for others, some reluctance persists in the belief that the costs associated with including sustainability will outweigh the benefits. The following are some articles we recommend reading as an introduction to the topic.

The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Harvard Business Review

Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Innovating for a Sustainable World

MIT Sloan

Events Calendar

Keep abreast of international developments and industry insights.

As part of our ongoing commitment to share knowledge across sustainability, we have developed a calendar of major international events to assist partners in pursuing additional information. This list of events is updated regularly to ensure it remains a useful tool in your business planning.

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Convention

1-2 July, 2019
Sydney, Australia

Food Governance Conference

3-5 July, 2019
Sydney, Australia

Fight Food Waste CRC Science Symposium

20 November, 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Food Waste

One-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, roughly one third of the food produced, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes is either lost or wasted. In dollar terms, this equates to approximately US$990 billion, the cost to environment is equally staggering. Below are links to some useful resources on the topic that will provide greater insights.

Key Facts on Food Waste

Food and Agriculture Organisation

Food Waste Reduction


Food Losses and Waste

EU Commission

Food Losses and Food Waste in China


Estimates of European Food Waste

EU Commission