Packaging & Product Assessments

The reality of manufacturing is that every activity in the creation of a product has an environmental impact. The ability to uncover, know and understand those environmental impacts presents major opportunities for business.

Know your product.

We understand that not all businesses have the time or internal resources to conduct an in-depth analysis on their products and packaging. To assist those in this situation, Empauer offers a service whereby environmental impact assessments are conducted on their behalf.

Packaging & Product Assessments

Each project is undertaken by Empauer is overseen by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert. Utilising the power of Ecodex, our ISO Certified Eco-design tool, we provide highly detailed, actionable information you can use to enhance sustainable design.

Working with your team, our step-by-step method starts with compiling a manufacturing overview that details all materials and/or ingredients used in the production of your product/packaging. This data gathering extends to mapping your supply chain so that a complete scenario can be assessed.

Once this data is collected, it enables us to generate a comprehensive report of your packaging and/or product’s impacts throughout its lifecycle.

Our commitment does not conclude with the handing over of a report. We take the initiative and work with our clients to ensure that results are understood and strategies can be developed from the information generated.