Packaging is the first thing that consumers encounter when they see a product. It is also the last thing they encounter when the product is consumed; how consumers interact packaging at a product’s end of life is equally important.

Empowering sustainable packaging.

The high visibility of packaging means that everybody encounters it when products are purchased or consumed. It is ubiquitous nature and the various environmental impacts it generates through its life cycle are forcing brand owners, packaging companies and retailers to develop more sustainable designs.


The shift to more sustainable packaging designs will become greater and constant when packaging becomes regarded as a valuable source for raw materials and not viewed as a waste product.

Empauer provides companies with the knowledge, skills, resources and tools to make better deigns decisions on their packaging to deliver greater commercial and sustainability benefits.

Our approach is all encompassing, utilizing our ISO certified Eco-design tool Ecodex, we are able to assess the environmental impacts of your packaging throughout its entire life cycle and assist you in re-engineering your packaging to meet business objectives.