Supply Chain

The financial well being of a business depends on networks of smoothly running supply chains.

Incorporating sustainability throughout the supply chain.

The opportunity to review and enhance a supply chain has obvious benefits for companies looking to improve their sustainability performance. For most, these benefits emerge from reductions across energy consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.

Supply Chain

Empauer offers clients the ability to take a sustainability approach that provides competitive advantage by developing supply chain efficiencies without sacrificing service levels. The objective is to improve performance across the supply chain enabling an increase in profits and efficiency while reducing costs and waste.

Whether you are seeking straightforward consulting or our managed services where we partner to supplement your internal capabilities, we tailor the approach with the right experts to meet your needs.

Our Supply Chain Services cover;

  • Effective Supplier Management, Ethical Sourcing, Labour and Human Rights, Business Process and Continuous Improvement practises.
  • Robust reporting approaches ranging from carbon and water foot-printing, to waste auditing, retailer score-carding and regulatory and compliance.
  • Transparent green communications auditing, determining your key stakeholders and establishing your “green” narrative.